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I will soon give birth to a baby, is it premature to think about the silver nipple cups?

No indeed, those who think about it in time are those who will suffer less from the discomfort that fissures can bring. Using the silver nipple cups as a preventive method to keep nipples healthy from the first day of breastfeeding is the advice we feel we can give to all mothers in the world.

Unfortunately I have fissures on both nipples, breastfeeding has become torture. Is it too late to use the nipple cups?

No it's not late. Nipple cups works for both prevention and aiding in the healing of nipples. Buy it now, in a few days you will rediscover the pleasure of breastfeeding, guaranteed! Read the comments left by our users on the site. And indeed, remember to leave your impression too after healing. You will help other moms with your same problem.

Is it painful to use silver nipple cups?

Absolutely no. Indeed, it will be a relief as it will immediately provide a sensation of pleasant freshness.

How can I be sure that the nipple cups are not releasing substances that are harmful to my baby?

The certainty of this is given by the fact that SenoCap® is a medical device and as such complies with the safety requirements of the Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EC.