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SenoCap® 925 sterling Silver Nipple Cups for the prevention and treatment of nipple fissures during breastfeeding.

During the lactation period, especially in the first period, it is quite common for nipples to present a slight irritation. If the pain persists, however, this is not normal and can often lead to the appearance of very painful cracks in the breast or nipple cuts. 

To prevent breast fissures or heal breast fissures it is recommended to use SenoCap® 925 sterling Silver Nipple Cups for breastfeeding.

Nipple cups for breastfeeding

925 sterling silver provides the necessary protection to nipples without releasing harmful substances and in a few days allows you to return to normal and enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable moment as breastfeeding should be.

Silver nipple cups: how do they works?

925 sterling silver has antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Those properties ensure that nipple stressed skin heals naturally without the use of creams or gels.

Silver cups: how to use them

Silver has been used for more than a century in the treatment of skin diseases, thanks to its antibacterial and disinfectant healing properties. Results are immediate with SenoCap® silver nipple cups: wounds and fissures close in 24/48 hours.

It is recommended to use the SenoCap® silver cups at least 10 days before giving birth and to continue to use them constantly throughout breastfeeding. In this way you will avoid irritation and chafing.

Coppette Paracapezzoli in argento sterling 925 per Allattamento SenoCap
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Best nipple cups: 925 sterling silver cups

  • SenoCap® is reccommended for preventing breastfeeding fissures.
  • The particular anatomical shape of SenoCap® silver nipple cups guarantees optimal adherence to the breast.
  • Hygienic and easy to use, SenoCap® silver cups are applied between nipple and the brassiere: thanks to a patented technique, that allows a total and comfortable adherence to nipple;
  • SenoCap® silver nipple cups are safe, because they do not release any substance: they are nickel free;
  • Furthermore, they do not affect the taste of breast milk, making them the most natural solution for mother and baby;
  • 925°°° Sterling Silver is used for their realization;
  • Each pack contains 2 cups in 925 °°° Sterling silver with dimensions of Ø 4.5 cm 100% Made in Italy
  • • Directly from the Manufacturer: Brand Status ID PD 364

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SENOCAP® is a class 1 medical device

Instructions for use

After nursing, leave a drop of breast milk in the nipple cups and stick onto your nipple like a suction cup under your bra; rinse the nipple before breastfeeding;

Silver cups are applied between nipple and bra;

Rinse nipple before breastfeeding;

For each use, just prepare a cream of water and bicarbonate and distribute it on the surface of the nipple shields; rinse them thoroughly and dry them. Siver antibacterial properties mean that there is no need for disinfectant.


Council Directive 93/42 / EEC of 14 June 1993 and subsequent mod. additions, concerning medical devices.


PRICE PER PACK:39,90 € VAT included.

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Coppette Paracapezzoli in argento sterling 925 per Allattamento SenoCap

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